A Different Name

by Kelsey Schneider

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released December 1, 2011

All songs engineered & mixed by Kelly Upshaw
All songs written by Kelsey Schneider
All songs mastered by Shawn Joseph
Artwork by Shreya Patel



all rights reserved


Kelsey Schneider Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Make You Happy
Someone told me you were headed off to Wichita
I'll admit, I didn't flinch a bit because
I always knew
That you were never gonna change

The road you traveled on
For years & years will not miss you one bit
And I apologize
For anything I might have said
That would have
Made you think that I
Am someone who wants you back

And I want you to be happy
But I can never make you happy
Cuz I am only ever happy
Yeah, when you're gone

I told you lies
I told you I loved you
But you saw straight through me
And I am picking up the pieces
And throwing them in the street
Take out the harmonies
We don't need them
It's over

Are you awake now?
Do you have anything to say?
Take what you want, dear
I know we'll be alright
I'm keeping us alive
I know we'll be alright
I'm keeping us alive
Let's let this fire die
Let's let this fire die
Track Name: You Got Away
I remember you like it was yesterday
You were talking like you meant it
Never thought that I'd regret
The way you looked at me
Made sleep feel obsolete
We were running for the big time
We were rolling past the lovers on the street
Or so it seemed

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
You got away, you got away, you got away
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
You got away, you got away, you got away

I remember you and the way you felt
You were famous, you were cunning
Left me begging for the running
Of your fingertips across my lips
Clenching fists until the others under covers
Made us look like we were young
Thought that that was love

I don't mean to lay claim of your heart
'Cause you are the keeper and
I'd be wrong to suppose
That I was the only one on your mind
Track Name: Forever & Amen
Please come down
From that perch built so high
There is nothing for you in that
Big, blue sky
Here, it's nice
And oh so cozy
I swear you'll love it here

And I know it's not that charming little letter
That you wish your girl would send
But it might be nice
To stay with me forever and amen

Give me your hand
I promise not to let go
Sing your song
I will listen to you
There is none as finer, nor as fairer
You have won my heart
Track Name: When To Run
Don't tell me when to run
Tell me when to fight, no
Tell me when to go

Don't tell me when to stay, no
Tell me where to go, no
Tell me I should find my way back

Ran across my mind, oh
Found its way inside my soul
Flickering of candlelight
Sold everything I had owned
Sold it to an old ghost
Sold it to myself

Don't expect me to behave
Look at me that way, love
Poison in my veins
Hold onto bother like your
Heart will never stop your
Heart will slowly break into a

I was on my way down
Surely I was gonna drown
Waves were filling up my lungs
Poured every ounce of me out
Dug a tunnel underground
Stayed there for the night

Kiss me softly
Softly on the mouth
Track Name: A Different Name
Walk down the street
With your eyes opened wide
Your tongue tastes the heat
From the slaughter disguised as your home
But you're not home
Corner store clerk
Raised her brows as you pass
The steady asserting of all you have
Casting down bets
It's all you have left

Everybody knows me by a different name
A different name
Everybody knows me by a different name
A different name

The day that you'll rest in your grave
The complex solution to
All the mistakes you have made
But you're still to blame
The beauty around you has faded to still
Your feet hit the floor
And you fall
As the grin on your face
Stays in its place

Oh, the itch in my bones
Oh, it's calling me home
Oh, the water's gone dry
Oh, my lovely disguise